Bobby Ellis


Colors, patterns and shapes. Sometimes a combination of objects put together can create something quite eye catching. This was taken on a shoot for a client. There’s something simple and clean about the design.


Had a great time underwater a few weeks ago. My subjects were having a ball and the lighting was perfect.



I never noticed how beautiful mushrooms are. I grabbed the camera to explore an ants world yesterday. It was nice laying on the grass in the summer, on my stomach, looking at fungi.



Friends of mine asked me to photograph their wedding a few years ago. I was so honored to be there to document the day.

This was the end of the day, obviously,  and I managed to capture the birdseed in mid-air.


Sunset on a beautiful beach can leave make you not want to leave that place in time. I’m amazed at how one  frame  can bring back a really good memory.



Nature is so incredibly beautiful sometimes. I remember blowing these dandelions and making wishes when I was just a kid.



This past weekend I had some fun experimenting with various papers and lighting trying to move beyond some of the limitations I place on myself.


Several years ago I had a neighbor who had a little boy that loved to play in the dirt. He was 100% little boy! I had to stop him from walking in his mother’s house like this. He had so much fun playing in the mud, and it shows.

I usually do not take wedding photographs. But this was special. Jason Cadogan, who works for me, met a wonderful woman and decided to marry her. Clarissa made a beautiful subject and I’m glad I could be there to capture their special day.



This water fountain was so incredible that I wanted to take a photo at night. I knew the lights would make it almost ethereal.